High School Cheerleader PicMy name is Barbara Elaine and I’m currently attending University of Texas, majoring in Computer Engineering.

I’ve recently learned about Bitcoin from a sorority sister at UT. What she, now I, find most fascinating about this crypto-currency, originally developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, is its built-in scarcity and decentralized peer-to-peer (p2p) attributes.

In the spirit of being an open-source endeavor, coupled with the recently branded website Bitcoin Foundation promising full transparency, I present to you this blog–Bitcoin Foundation–in hope that information within serves as an enlightenment to exactly what is Bitcoin and, more importantly, whom are those dedicated to further developing and maintaining this wonderful feat in engineering of economics.

If you’re curious as to why I opted to predate some posts, ponder no more, dear reader. Unless variously conveyed, any predated post–reflected in its permalink–corresponds to a significant day from which the viable content was gleaned. Consider it Irish bookkeeping, a carryover practice first utilized in an earlier blog of mine christened Life as a Potato in (actual title).

Feel free to contact me at thebitcoinfoundation (at) gmail (dot) com (I loathe email scrapers). I’ll do my best to reply in a timely manner, but please bear in mind, my studies take precedence. I’m sure you understand and appreciate this reality.


Due to a family crisis, I had to cancel the remaining fall semester (2012) at UT and return to my home state. If all goes well, I’ll re-enroll in January (2013), resuming the course load I had prior to this abrupt hiatus. On the obverse side of the coin, maintaining this blog, as well as my other online presences of which my devoted followers, friends and family fittingly know me, has become less of a burden.